Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Road and Life

Road and Life

For the Road
Have its both ups and downs
Light and Shade
And the by-lanes

The walkers there
Walk their way
Irrespective what Road might say

On some the sun beats down
Some relish
In umbrella’s shade
But the Road
Takes in on its sway

What if Life
Is that Road
With its Lights and shades
Ups and downs
And the Walkers
Walking their ways
And the Sun beats down
And drained by Rain
With all its by-lanes

Amidst all
Its stays there
Just like the Road
Even if
Walkers have their way
Sun beats and Rain drains
Light and Shadow
Play their games
And some might follow
Like by-lane

For the life
Is just that Road

© Tarun Mitra


Freespirit said...

Beautifully penned ....


It is the real fact that life is full of ups and downs like road but we should not get disturbed whether we are happy or sad , we should be what we are.