Monday, November 11, 2013

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In the dim light of the lonely lamp
Shining amongst the millions lights
Lighting up the night
The lamp stood still, and dimming
Only one in that home

One soul had left
“Went to heaven” some say
But the void he left
Will be felt everyday

And on the night
When world was merry
And Skies brightened up
That solitary lamp
With its dimming rays
Recounted the days went by

‘Life Hangs by thread’ they say
But was this thread so weak
Snatched at a single pull
Scattering other threads away

As the lamp dims
So did his life
All of sudden it pulled
Where it went one cannot say

Dream or reality
Illusion or delusion
Or just some hallucination
As the time went by
The pain of loneliness was felt

And in memoriam in write
In memories of time we spent
In memories of your life
In memory of my genesis
In my untold love for you

Now I feel the solitude
Pulls and pushes of life
Filling your shoes I feel
How was it like

But the lamp finds it destiny
In an hour or two
This too shall pass, as saying goes
Memories can be bitter too.

© Tarun Mitra